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Taking Control Of Your Career One Step At A Time

Most people want a good career, but how many actually get around to taking control of the careers and forge something special from them?

Quite a few actually, but for every person who takes an active approach to their career, for instance working as a mystery shopper whilst studying at university, there are several, at least, who take a decidedly opposing approach, that of the backseat variety.

Taking control of your career can be as simple as the example given above, but it can also be as complex as planning a series of training courses to complete in order to apply for a completely different position to the one you are working at now.

Whether you decide to work part time in the customer intelligence sector – or fulltime for that matter as there are many exciting careers awaiting you and not only working as an undercover shopper in order to provide businesses with invaluable insights – or you have other plans in mind, you won’t regret taking an active approach to your career by seeking practical career guidance from a career counsellor.

Part time work

Most people rightly don’t see the jobs they work part time whilst attending university as careers, but many people find that working part time opens their eyes to careers that they never considered before.

Whilst you should never drop out of university to continue working a part time job that you have come to really enjoy, there is a lot to be said for working in different sectors to gain experience and see what else there is out there for you to consider as a career.

If you enjoy working as an anonymous shopper helping businesses pinpoint areas of their operations that are in need of improvement, you may consider a career in customer intelligence. There are many different positions awaiting candidates like you in this exciting industry, one that is proving to be of particular importance to a wide array of businesses in sectors like hospitality and retail.


If you are in between jobs at the moment, have you considered enrolling in a workshop or two to help you improve your employability? There are many workshops available for you to join – some are free and some are operated privately – that can help you to brush up on your interview skills, create a new resume that gets you noticed or perhaps improve a specific skill, like business communication or letter writing.

You could work a part time job while you are attending these workshops and the work you do part time doesn’t have to be related in any way to what you are interested in as a career.

In fact, it actually does people good to do something completely different from time to time, so why not work as a mystery shopper helping retail businesses improve their customers’ experiences by providing them with insights into the areas that are in need of attention?

Take control of your career and look to the future with confidence.

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