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The Hardware Pieces That Make Your Computer

Finding the appropriate career would base on the things that interest you. You might love computers so you wish to become a computer engineer. You can either enhance your existing job by seeking advices from the experts of Career Manager. Moreover, knowing the basic computer hardware and their purpose might give you a good start. Check out these facts and know more about them.

Central Processing Unit

The CPU is the brain of a desktop because it processes all the calculations and operations. The frequency of it stands as the main power of the unit. It can attend to several tasks of your desktop in a quick and simultaneous way.


The random access memory or RAM is the tool that holds data that is processed by the CPU. The amount of it that is installed in the computer would determine the performance of the PC. The more memory there is, the faster the machine would perform.


The base of all other components is called the main board or motherboard. The other elements are put onto the main board as it provides the communication pathway for them. You need to take into account the processor slot, memory and video slot to ensure that they are compatible with each other.

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Hard Disk Drive

This is the storage area of the PC. The files and data like music, documents, games, and the like can all be stored in here. This comes in various storage spaces, and multiple hard disk drives can be fitted into one unit if needed.

Network Card

This is used to establish connection between multiple units or connect to the Internet. This can be installed separately or can be integrated with the main board.

Knowing the basic hardware components of a computer is necessary if you wish to take a career in the IT industry. Moving forward, as soon as you are already in it, make sure to enhance your skills by taking counselling, workshops, and team building activities! To assist you in all that, check the rest of this website now!

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