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Real Reasons Why Achieving Work Life Balance Is A Struggle

Twenty-four hours is not enough. If it were possible to not sleep anymore just so you can accomplish all that you want and need to in a day, you would give up your snooze time. You juggle your day-time job, tax adviser courses, volunteer work, and family dinners all week long. Your ‘To Do’ list is endless, your planner is full of appointments. This used to be the general description of what it meant to be ‘productive’.

Today, research shows that in order to be most productive, you need to know how to balance work, family, and other aspects of your life. You need to sleep enough hours and take naps within the day. You need to shorten that list of daily tasks and spend more time on activities and people who are truly vital to your personal and career growth.

But even if we are trying to practise the ‘less is more’ principle, why do we still find it so difficult to achieve work-life balance?

You are not honest about your goals and values.

You know your goal is to get a course in commercial law so you can apply for a higher position in your company. You know you value quality time with your family and want to dedicate one day each week to them undisturbed by work matters. You know this, but have you taken action so you can pursue your goals and make time for what you really value?

It is important to be honest to your superior about your plans for career growth and how important it is for you to focus on your family during the weekend. Propose a schedule to your boss of how you plan to manage your workload and deadlines so you can pursue further education and have a work-free family day. For example, you can haggle having an earlier shift so you can attend tax adviser courseseven during weekdays.

You immediately change your habits.

Changing your methods of balancing work and other life aspects should be done through baby steps. An abrupt change of routine and habits could lead to more stress and pressure as your body and mind need to quickly become accustomed. Allow gradual adjustment and avoid ‘withdrawal symptoms’ by doing changes bit by bit. For instance, if your goal is to get more sleep and be healthier, go to bed 15 minutes earlier than your usual sleeping time tomorrow night. Then increase it to 30 minutes the next night and so on until you achieve getting a few more hours more sleep each night.

You don’t get help.

Perfecting work-life balance is a challenge many people face today. So there is no reason to think that you need to solve the problem all by yourself. Seek assistance from life and career coaches, ask help from your Human Resource department, and maximise reliable resources online. You also need to learn how to delegate. Your tendency to do everything yourself because it will be ‘easier’ and more ‘efficient’ means you end up doing everything. But did you have to do everything? Can’t your secretary type up your financial report for tomorrow’s meeting so you can leave the office on time and not miss your yoga class? Can’t you take your dirty clothes to a staffed laundromat so you are free during the weekend to attend your niece’s piano recital? Figure out what tasks can be done by only you, delegate the rest.

As your priorities and goals change, you will also need to learn new secrets to achieving work-life balance. So continue finding what methods work best for you and go on assessing how you can better manage your time. Because 24 hours can be enough.

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