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Just Graduated From Uni? Use These 3 Tips To Build A Successful Career

If you've recently finished your bachelor's degree, you'll naturally be itching to get a job and start earning your own money. There's nothing wrong with these, but take note that becoming a part of the workforce isn't just about going to the office from nine to five and receiving a monthly salary. It's also about building a career that lets you gain financial stability while helping you improve as a person and create a satisfying and rewarding work life.

Sounds difficult? It's definitely not a piece of cake, but you can make it easier by keeping the following tips in mind:

Tip #1: Learning shouldn't stop when you finish school

Many young people rejoice when they graduate from university because it means that they no longer have to face boring lectures, difficult homework and time-consuming projects. But don't be tempted to adopt the same mindset; yes, you'll no longer have to stay within a classroom when you start working, but this doesn't mean you have to stop learning new things. In fact, you should strive to continue developing your knowledge and skills if you want to succeed or (in certain fields) retain the right to practise your profession.

If you're planning to become a doctor in New South Wales, for instance, you'll need to obtain continuing professional development or CPD points for GPs. By taking this step, you'll be eligible to renew your medical registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and you can continue working in your clinic, hospital or company. You'll also meet Medicare requirements (ensuring you'll have access to higher rebates) while sprucing up your professional profile and making yourself more employable.

You can gain CPD points for GPs by attending educational conferences and reading medical materials. You can also sign up for accredited online programmes that help you learn more about your field while earning points.

Tip #2: Remember that soft skills are important, too

It's easy to get caught up in improving your technical abilities and forget about your soft skills. But don't let this happen; to become a more valuable employee, you have to enhance your emotional intelligence and learn how to build better relationships with people. By taking these steps, you'll show your employers that you have the potential to become a leader and can help them bring the company closer to success.

You can start by reading books that introduce you to what soft skills are and teach you the basics. If you have the time and budget, sign up for relevant online courses and perhaps even hire a coach who can help you develop these abilities.

Tip #3: Don't be afraid to switch careers

There's nothing wrong with changing your mind about your career and finding out that it's not the right path for you. It can be anxiety-inducing and nerve-racking at first but, once you realise that switching to another industry is the best thing you can do, don't hesitate to go ahead and do it.

Don't worry since you don't have to face the challenges on your own. After all, you can always get our help here at Career Manager! We provide career counselling and development services and can guide you through the journey of switching from one field to another. With our assistance, you can create a feasible action plan, develop the tools and knowledge you need and enhance your personal brand to stand out in your new industry.

Building a successful career isn't easy, but you can accomplish it by using the tips listed above.

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